5 Beauty Products You Shouldn’t Share

It’s really common that sometimes we want to wear that amazing lipstick that your friend bought from MAC, because as all women, we love to share everything! Even more, if it’s with our closest friends. However, there are certain beauty products that should be exclusively for personal use. Discover which are those products that are preferably not to borrow or share with anyone, not even with your sisters!

Lipstick and Toothbrush 
By sharing this kind of products, it’s most likely that many viral diseases will pass through the mouth. Some of the diseases that can be easily spread are the flu and oral herpes. It doesn’t matter whether the herpes is visible or not, or if you think she doesn’t have the flu because she’s not sneezing, perhaps the virus can be in incubation.

Even if your BFF has the most beautiful lipstick you’ve ever seen, try not to use it!


Makeup Brushes or Sponges
Due to the structure of makeup brushes and sponges, these harmless makeup tools storage countless bacteria. Also, the skin of your face is extremely sensitive, by sharing brushes and sponges we increase the chances of having acne.


Share these items may seem harmless, but it can actually bring more trouble than you think. These products could spread infections caused by viruses. Besides, you could get sick even if you don’t cut your skin because, during the shaving, microscopic openings created in the skin can allow the entry of infectious organisms.


Eye Makeup 
I’m pretty sure I was not the only one who was always borrowing eyeliner and mascara from my friends, always! That was until I realized why I should stop doing it. Believe it or not, share these products brings many consequences. It’s true that tons of bacteria are living on the eyelids and eyelashes and they extend to our mascara applicator, eyeliner, and whatever touches them, causing eye infections that can be very easy to transmit.


Every time you share products that come in pots, even if the other person has washed their hands, putting hands and lips over and over the same pot will generate bacteria that you’ll eventually have on your lips and face. So if anyone wants to try this new cream you bought, make them use a cotton swab or Q -tip.

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