Beauty meets technology and the results are amazing!

Who doesn’t want to look and feel their best? Thanks to CES (Consumer Electronics Show) some companies have the opportunity to show some technological advancements that will help you to take care of your body; it is a fact that 2018 is full of tools focused on skin health. Ahead, take a look at some of the biggest innovations showed at the CES this year.

1) A countertop device that brews personalized skincare at home: the French company Romy Paris has created a machine that allows you to make a custom cocktail for your skin every morning. The machine prepares the solution based on your individual skin concerns, environmental factors, daily stressors, sleep habits, sugar intake, and extended travel. Formulations change day to day, depending on your skin.


2) Alexa is your new dermatologist and makeup artist: The HiMirror will give you makeup tutorials and skincare advice based on your actual face. There is a camera that can count your wrinkles, blemishes, dark spots, it literally analyzes your entire skin. Also, you can scan your skincare products into the device and get notifications when expiration dates are coming up. This newest tech isn’t a reason to skip your dermatology appointment, but it is a useful, at-home accompaniment.


3) Skintuition: Development firm Cambridge Consultants has unveiled a new application that helps consumers to identify the exact shades of concealer and foundation to hide blemishes in their skin, based on their natural skin color and the lighting conditions they want to look their best. The tool fits over the top of your phone and has an ultra-magnifying lens with built-in LED lights and sensors.


4) Never forget to re-apply sunscreen: L’Oréal’s has launched UV Sense, a new (and limited) edition of La Roche Posay’s My UV Patch. UV Sense is the first battery-free wearable electronic sensor to measure individual UV exposure; it sticks to your thumbnail and connects to an app to let you track exposure during a day in the sun. The device comes with additional adhesives so you can use it again on your next beach day.


5) Mask Routine: The puck-shaped device fits easily in the palm of a hand to offer a full facial experience in only a few seconds. Foreo’s UFO is described as the world’s first smart mask treatment. While a standard sheet mask treatment can take upwards of 20 minutes, Foreo’s device delivers clearer, faster results in just 90 seconds.


I still can’t believe how many new and exciting things are coming up this year! Which beauty tech would you like to try?




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