Blonde Hair Care Tips

Your hair can be your best accessory so it is really important to keep it shiny, healthy and pretty. In my case, I’ve always had blonde hair and it takes a lot of work to keep it in a good shape. Whether you were born with blonde hair or you’ve decided to lighten up your look at the salon, blonde hair requires a pretty specific maintenance routine. From keeping the color from turning brassy, making sure your ends don’t get dried out and protecting your hair from UV rays, there are some very important things to take into consideration when you’re a blonde.

Protect it from heat: Hot tools aren’t good for any color hair, but they’re especially threatening to blonde hair. But since you’re probably going to style your hair regardless, it’s essential to minimize the damage. Depending on your hair type and preference, try a heat protecting cream, spray, or balm to fight damage—and keep color from fading to boot.

Get regular trims: The more your hair has been breached, the more prone it is to breakage, so dead ends need to be nipped as soon as possible

Keeping it safe from water: We’re paranoid every dip into the pool is going to turn our light locks into an unsavory shade of green. To be honest, it’s definitely a risk (it happened to me when I was 8 during a summer camp) but there’s plenty you can do to guard against it. You can apply conditioner before entering the pool or ocean to create a barrier between your hair and the salt water or chlorine. If you swim frequently and notice a buildup or a greenish tinge, use a clarifying shampoo to remove it.

Don’t assume that dry hair and damage is the same: If you have blonde hair, you need to know the difference between it being damaged versus being dry. If you’re using a shampoo for damaged hair but your hair is simply dry, you could be doing more harm than good.

Use dry shampoo: Find a dry shampoo that works for you, and make sure it’s for blonde hair (not brunette). Refreshing your hair without shampooing will help keep the color vibrant for longer.

Use UV protection for your hair: Think you only need sunscreen for your skin? Think again. Your hair can get damaged from the sun just like the rest of your body, leaving it dry and potentially fading your beautiful hair color. Be sure to use a UV protectant spray on your hair during the summer to protect it from the sun’s harsh rays.


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