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Fashion Trends that will be out in 2018

It’s time to say goodbye to some trends and welcome new and refreshing ones. 2017 introduced us to some cool and new trends, but as all good things must end to make room for even better things, here are 5 trends we hope to leave behind in 2018.


It’s time for the trend to retire, we recommend you to put away all those strips of jewelry you’ve been wearing around your neck for a while now.



This accessory shouldn’t be in your wardrobe in 2018, unfortunately, this trend is not here to stay. If you are thinking about buying an expensive corset belt, we suggest saving your money and not investing too much in this trend.



Bomber jackets were a must-have during 2017, but let be honest, this jacket style has been overworked. We’ve seen it in every print and color, so we’re ready for something new.



It’s time for off-shoulder to go. We know that this top makes the clavicle and the neck look sexy, but the off-shoulder trend is a perfect example of too much of a good thing is a bad thing. We’re definitely in the mood for a new top silhouette.



Say goodbye to this color, as much as we love this shade and how subtle and minimal it is, it’s going out of style. The new Pantone color of the Year 2018 is Ultra-Violet, there are plenty of shades to update your closet for next year.


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