Two Piece Set ft. Seventeen Magazine

Hi my loves! Happy Monday 🙂 So, to end this month with great news I’m beyond excited to share with you that I’m one of the ambassadors for edit by 17, the newest fashion brand of seventeen magazine! I have always loved this mag, and being part of something they do is just a dream come […]

Layers ft. Kohls

Happy Monday my loves! Summer season is officially over. However, even when we want the fall to start right away and start looking extremely fashionable with all the great pieces we can’t wait to wear, the hot weather is still here! But don’t worry, think about this: the best part about those “in-between” seasons is […]

Let’s Add Some Movement

One of the newest trends that are really fascinating me are all these pieces with movement. In this look specifically, the protagonist is the bell sleeves! Not only I think they can make us look very classy, but also they have this amazing power due to its cuts and long pieces of fabric to make […]

Patches Everywhere!

From jeans to bags, and jackets… Patches are now everywhere!! I really love this trend, even more, combined with this bomber jacket which is also another amazing piece that we must have in our closet during this season. This is a very sporty, casual and urban style that we can effortless wear for the everyday […]

Summer Memories ft. JCPenney

Summer is definitely one of my favorite times of the year! I mean, who doesn’t love having some extra free time just to enjoy the sunny days with the people you love the most? I know is so sad is about to be over, but I want to share some of the biggest highlights I’ve […]

Summer Pieces

Happy Monday!! I love the feeling that this day gives you; it just feels like you have the power to start all over and do everything and anything… I know you’re maybe here for the outfit so let’s talk about fashion lol 🙂 I got this jumper at a local boutique here in Miami, Reveal […]

Dare Yourself

Hi my loves!! How’s your week going? I wanted to share this outfit from a long time ago and I’m so excited this post is finally here. I loved this jumper when I first saw it, but to be honest the first thought I had was “This is beautiful but it won’t look good on […]