3 Tips to Look Slimmer

Embrace the body you have! I’m absolutely sure that you should. It’s the only one you’ve got and it’s probably carried you well this far in life. But that’s not to say that we can’t or shouldn’t choose outfits that can help make us look slimmer than we really are. The question that every woman […]

What Goes Around Comes Back Around…

A new trend returns from the 90’s; caps! If I’m honest, I never thought about wearing this accessory again, ever! However, I’ve seen this trend lately in social networks, and different celebrities have been using caps in their daily looks. For this reason, I wanted to try this trend with some of my outfits, and […]

Meet the Piece your Wardrobe Should Have this Spring Season

Hello beautiful! February is halfway and I can’t believe that Spring Season has arrived! These last few days I have been updating my wardrobe with more colorful and floral pieces. This floral maxi dress is one of those dresses that makes you feel amazing, it’s versatile, it’s long, but at the same time it’s very […]

Valentine’s Day ft. StyleWe

Happy Valentine´s Day my loves! Do you have any plans for today? Since I was a kid, I’ve loved this day so much! This year, I’m planning to spend the day with my family and friends, and then, I’ll probably have a romantic dinner with my special person. The dress I’m wearing on the photos […]

Camo Denim

Happy Friday my loves! It’s not a surprise that camo is making a serious comeback! We are seeing elements of this old-school Army-inspired uniform popping up everywhere. The camouflage trend has been coming out little by little the past couple of seasons, but this season it is hitting full force. I particularly love it and […]

My Favorite Winter Accesory

Hello my loves! In order to continue with the topic of using winter trends in hot weathers, this time I want to show you a beautiful accessory that I can’t get enough of yet; the fur scarf. This piece will definitely make us look chic without feeling suffocated. It´s a trend that I particularly love […]

Winter in Miami

Happy Friday my loves! ¿How many of you have been jealous of all the people that can wear boots, coats, scarves, and layers all winter? I live in Miami, and there’s no way I could survive wearing things like that, but I still love winter trends. It takes a bit of extra searching to find […]