Let’s enjoy our life without age limits! #Cincuentañeros

Hello, everyone! This post might be a bit different from what I usually write at my blog. I want to share a story that happened a couple of months ago when I had the honor of attending a dinner with @disruptaging during #WeAllGrow. During this dinner, we talk about a subject that I love; how […]

3 Ways to drink more water everyday

How many times have you been told to drink more water? Your mom tells you. Your doctor tells you. You hear about the importance of hydration at the gym or reading yet another article touting the benefits of water. I’m not sure about you, but I’m the worst at drinking water! – I love it, […]

Guess who’s finally 23!

Guess who’s finally 23? Yay!!!! From living in three different countries, attending and graduating from college, getting my first real girl job, starting my own company (and a blog), and deciding to start my new brand, so many great things have happened in such a relatively short time frame! Of course, there have been some bad things too; losing […]

Back to it! How to start a healthy lifestyle

Who else in here has committed to start a healthier lifestyle this year? The most difficult part of starting a healthy life is actually the beginning and creating those organization patterns that should last more than just in January! This year I started a new routine with big motivation and the goal of taking care of […]

Happy New Year! My 2018 Resolutions

Hey babes, happy new year!!! How’s your 2018 so far? I can’t believe 2017 is already over. Wow, it was such an amazing year for me, I’m sure I’ll never forget about it. Plus, I think it was the year where I learned and grown the most. However, in this post, I want to share […]

My Graduation! 10 Things I Learned at College

“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.” I DID IT!!! I can’t believe I finally graduated, it’s one of the most amazing and rewarding feelings in the world. It was hard, yes, coming to school from another country, in a different language, having to balance work and studies, and […]