Back to it! How to start a healthy lifestyle

Who else in here has committed to start a healthier lifestyle this year? The most difficult part of starting a healthy life is actually the beginning and creating those organization patterns that should last more than just in January! This year I started a new routine with big motivation and the goal of taking care of my health. To be honest, I used to be very active and I loved to exercise, but with many things that happened last year, I wasn’t able to keep my training routine. The great news is that this year I’m going back to do things I love, just like going to the gym!

Since I know that starting can be the hardest part, I want to share with you my 10 tips to start and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Let’s do it!


1) Clean the refrigerator, take out all the ice cream, those “fruit” juices that have a crazy amount of sugar, the cookies that calms your anxiety and all the food you know it won’t help you keep your goal.

2) Go to the grocery store with a list of everything you need for the meal preps. Trust me, you will not only save tons of money by buying only what you need, but you will also keep focus on getting the right food you need for your healthier lifestyle. You can also opt for a meal prep program, just as I’m doing with Deliver Lean, 100% recommended.

3) Drink at least 1 gallon of water per day. If you are not a fan of water, you can always add some lemon or blueberries to it and change the taste.

4) Make 3 big meals (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner) and at least two snacks (my favorites snacks are carrots with hummus, vanilla protein shake, almonds and rice cake with almond butter!)

5) Start the first week of training soft to avoid injuries in your joints. Walking and dancing is a good cardio during the first week.

6) Even when I’m getting back my healthier lifestyle with the goal of improving my health, physical changes are going to come anyway. Take a picture of yourself every week to track your progress. This is an excellent way to keep the motivation.

7) DO NOT compare yourself with others, especially in social media. You are BEAUTIFUL for who you are and confidence will always be the key.

8) Even when you are going to train, it is important to wear clothes that still makes you feel good, comfortable and even a little sexy. I personally love this legging I got from LOTUS!

9) Every to weeks make a cheat meal. This will keep our anxiety levels low. If you are craving that pizza or burger, just go for it!

10) Find an activity that you enjoy for example: walking at the beach, spinning, zumba or Flamenco as in my case. This time, I’m training again with @Janettsyc and I just love her classes! She’s amazing, she helps me with nutrition, workouts and knows exactly how to keep me motivated!


I hope these tips can also help you to begin a healthy life and achieve your goals in 2018!






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