Happy New Year! My 2018 Resolutions

Hey babes, happy new year!!! How’s your 2018 so far? I can’t believe 2017 is already over. Wow, it was such an amazing year for me, I’m sure I’ll never forget about it. Plus, I think it was the year where I learned and grown the most. However, in this post, I want to share with you some of my biggest -and some very personal- resolutions for 2018! It’s going to be more like a list with little goals I want to achieve throughout the year. I really hope you guys liked it and it might serve as inspiration for you to create new resolutions, set new goals and maybe challenge yourself a little more.

  • Create a positive impact on people. Doing more things that can positively influence others.
  • Improve my relationship with God.
  • Be more fearless and adventurous. Don’t ever let fears again to stop me from what I want.
  • Start doing things that make ME truly happy. Make myself a priority.
  • Careless about what other’s might say.
  • Follow a monthly budget. Be more financial savvy in order to have more saving by the end of the year.
  • Be more grateful for everything I have, and with everyone who has had a positive impact on me.
  • The “fashionably late” excuses are over. I’ll be more punctual, lol.
  • Less procrastination and more action.
  • Establish a morning and night routine.
  • Take time for self-care.
  • Work out and focus on my health.
  • Healthy eating, drink more water. Going back to the lean life.
  • Explore and travel more. This year I want to visit for the first time cities like Mexico DF, Panama City, Cartagena, San Juan, etc. I also would love to go back to Europe!
  • Take a camping trip.
  • Finally, do skydiving! Hope I’ll be brave enough to actually do it!
  • Play guitar again
  • Learn again how to speak French. Well, I can also try Portuguese.
  • Take some online courses related photography, marketing trends, etc.
  • Promote even more my personal brand, Silk.
  • Make this blog one of my main priority.
  • Retake my youtube channel (maybe?)
  • Grow my Digital Marketing Company, Trendy Social Marketing with new clients and new team members.
  • Go to NYFW.
  • Be able to transmit the message to many more girls about the importance of self-confidence.

Well, these are only a few of my goals for 2018 and by sharing them with you, I already feel more motivated to make them happen! Which are your new year’s resolutions?




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