Let’s enjoy our life without age limits! #Cincuentañeros

Hello, everyone! This post might be a bit different from what I usually write at my blog. I want to share a story that happened a couple of months ago when I had the honor of attending a dinner with @disruptaging during #WeAllGrow.

During this dinner, we talk about a subject that I love; how to put an end to stereotypes. This time, the stereotypes were not related to the size, or some physical feature, it was about age. For me, it was an honor to have such an incredible conversation about this topic with more than 20 women of different nationalities, with different professions and ages, and I want to share a little of what we talked about and what I learned.

First, let me ask you, have you ever felt limited by your age? Well, the truth is that most of us find it hard to accept that YES. Unfortunately, today’s society has also felt the freedom to judge your abilities because of a number. In my case, I will confess that on different occasions it has happened to me that I have met people who do not take me seriously enough when doing business; not only as influencer, but also with the agency – “Trendy Social Marketing” – because they see me “very young” and can not believe seriousness in a 24-year-old woman. In fact, I remember perfectly the words of a man, with whom we tried to negotiate a proposal of digital marketing for his business, without knowing me he told me, “Girl, thank you for your time. But I can not trust the words of a girl under 30 years old. You probably do not know what you’re saying. ”

Why do we never talk about how age has also become a factor that limits you with fictitious bases? Why will today’s society judge your ability or professionalism based on a number? I do not think anyone has to feel bad about their age; that you can not stop defining yourself or labeling yourself for concepts that others may have. The truth is that we all have very different paths of life, and nobody can compare or judge without knowing the path of the other person; be long or short.

It is time to change, that through the example we can provide in our community, let’s prove that age is just a number; no matter how old you are, do not let them tag you! Let’s live a life without a count!


Check out this link with more info on this campaign!



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