How to wear Cropped Flare Jeans

The fashion trends are getting prettier and prettier, even practical clothes like jeans are getting a feminine flair. And a cropped flared jeans is the kind of denim you’d want to have in your wardrobe in 2017. The throwback style comes with a variety of benefits, showing off your shoes with ease and figure-flattering capabilities […]

Make a Career in Fashion!

To break into the fashion industry you should be creative, contact brands directly, and above all, persevere. It’s an extremely competitive world where cool creatives and strategists have to work together to keep up with rapidly changing trends and a demanding audience who are spoilt for choice. First of all, choose an area of fashion. […]

How to Create the Perfect Instagram Feed

There are too many strategies on acquiring Instagram followers focused on the numbers, but what about the quality of the content? When you’re a business, you’ve gotta be more strategic. Your feed is your business card and the face of your business. Behind every face, there is a personality and your Instagram theme is that […]

Find the Best Sunglasses Based on your Face Shape

Hey babes! You know I have an obsession with sunglasses, I think this accessory is great to make your outfit look way better, it is like adding an automatic touch of style to any look! For today’s #FahionFriday I want to share with you some tips on how to pick the best sunglasses based on […]

Let’s Accesorize! Ft. Tous

Clothing may make up the majority of an outfit, but jewelry and accessories are more significant than you may think! I can name over 100 reasons to love accessories, that’s why I must say jewelry and accessories are a girl’s best friends. Plus, these pieces further emphasize your personal style, taste, and preferences. On today’s […]

5 Tips on How to Pull Off a Casual Chic Style

Happy #FashionFriday babes! We want to look beautiful and trendy not only when we are at work, but also when we are spending time with family or friends. There are moments when we want to be a little bit more relaxed, yet we still have to be focused while we are choosing the right wardrobe. An […]

Look Sexy and Classy

Are you searching for ways to look sexy but classy? It is totally possible for you to get both of these desires. The key is to suggest instead of showing. Try these easy ways to look sexy and classy at the same time: WEAR YOUR FAVORITE HEELS I love heels! There are women who think sky-high […]

The Real Story Behind my Love for Accessories ft. Tous

Hello, beauties! How was your week? I know that I have told you many times about my love for accessories and I’ve also mentioned that I grew up in the fashion industry thanks to my Mom, but I have never told you the whole story … Since Mother’s Day is approaching, I want to take […]

Celebrating Mothers Day ft. JCPenney!

Hey there loves! I’m so excited to finally share this fun post I’ve, well, we’ve been working on. Yes, as you can see, I finally did a post with my mom! I’ve talked a lot about her on the blog before and somehow I was able to convince her to shoot an outfit with me. […]

White Pants are NOT for you…

“White pants are only for skinny girls” NOT. White pants are for any women who have the confidence to wear them. This 2017, let’s put away the stereotypes and lets start to be happy with who we are. Most of the girls say “I don’t wear white pants”, “They look terrible on me” and other […]