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Metallic Trend

Hello my loves! Let’s talk about metallics, I especially like this trend because is very striking and it gives a special touch to our winter looks. We can use metallics to either rock casual looks or for something more elegant. This time, I decided to wear this trend on one of my favorite pieces; a romper! Rompers are very comfortable and casual at the same time, but as always, accessories can change everything!

To make the look pop, I added a silk scarf, -it was pretty obvious I was going to do that right? Lol! – The scarf and boots gave a serious formal touch to it and made it a perfect look to wear in a night out in Miami, especially during this month where the chilly weather can be quite surprising! Also, considering the fact that boots are a MUST during this season, I didn’t doubt on adding them because they’re also an excellent way to make our legs to look longer, I just love them!

During winter metallics are an excellent option to bring light to our outfits and yes, get some special attention, trust me, metallics will make you stand out! If you are not too sure about this trend, you can start to incorporate it with small accessories such as sandals, bags or jackets and you will see you are going to end up loving them!

Thanks again for reading babes! Have a nice weekend.





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