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Suits are not for the Office Anymore

Hello my loves! On today’s fashion post I’m bringing you the combination of three trends I love; suits, bralette, and silk scarves! Who knew that suits can look so chic and so stylish! I honestly wasn’t really looking for a suit, but when I saw tons of my favorite bloggers wearing them, I decided to give this trend a try and I simply loved the result.

After assuring women that they don’t have to wear a suit to succeed at work, the fashion industry now is promoting suits—and not just for the office. We all know that suits were originally created for men, however, from a couple of decades ago, YSL has introduced this two pieces and have made them one of the most stylish and classy pieces nowadays. I would say that a good suit is suitable from office to evening drinks, from business meeting to a cocktail party.

If a matching suit is not your thing, either the blazer or the pant can be worn individually in different ways. This time I wore this trend with two of my favorite accessories; a bralette to add a sexy touch to the look, if you notice, I’m actually not wearing any t-shirt and it still looks classy just because of the magic of bralette. Of course, my silk scarf is part of this look, not only to add that pop of color to make things better, but also to make the style edgier. This scarf is part of my collection, Viaggio, it Is called CARACAS and you can get it by clicking here.

Thanks a lot for reading! Hope you guys are preparing for the Holidays!




Photos by: Claudia Gomez @claudiagomezph


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