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Summer Memories ft. JCPenney

Summer is definitely one of my favorite times of the year! I mean, who doesn’t love having some extra free time just to enjoy the sunny days with the people you love the most? I know is so sad is about to be over, but I want to share some of the biggest highlights I’ve had during these last weeks of summer, and of course, involves a lot of fashion! 🙂

This summer has been filled with amazing trips and adventures that I will never forget, from the amazing time I had at my Study Abroad (you can watch some of the vlogs here) to the very relaxing trips to the beach. However, one of the things I’ve enjoyed the most has been spending time with my family, especially my sisters.

Such a cuties right? Their names are Daniela (8) and Paola (7) and let me confess, I love being the big sister! During their school time, everything is so hectic that we barely have time to share, but during the summer, we always plan tons of activities together. Nothing makes me happier than spending time with my babies!

Another amazing part of these last weeks of summer is that my bff is here! Her name is Mariandrea, she came from Venezuela to visit me for a month and a half and we have had so much fun together! We’ve known each other for more than 12 years and we graduated high school together back in 2012. It’s been hard being separated, but we’ve proved that distance means nothing for us 🙂 it has actually made our friendship way stronger!

Now, let’s talk about fashion ☺ Aren’t you in love with the summer trends? This is the season that I shop the most. From patches to the youthful summer dresses, is just impossible not to want everything! Last week we went to JCPenney and we found tons of amazing on-trend clothes perfect for the summer. Everything was very affordable and at a great value! Plus, it was one-stop shopping for the whole family. If you saw my Snapchats, I know you can tell we had an afternoon full of fun, it was definitely so worth it! (I think I started to create two min fashion bloggers after that day) My sisters were so happy with their outfits that they wore their dresses for these pictures, so it was Mariandrea! What do you think about the looks we created? #SoWorthIt


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