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Summer trend alert! The Basket Bag

Basket bag, Wicker bag, Woven bag or Straw bag whatever you call bags of this style they’re suddenly everywhere! The versatile straw bag has become a coveted item yet again this summer, as wearable in the city with jeans as it is on the beach. The options are literally countless and there’s a straw bag for any fashion taste and style, from rounded to the tote to the classic oversized design.

Did you know that basket bags first became popular in the 70s, when legendary style icon Jane Birkin made them a part of her signature look? Her iconic look included a chic wicker basket that she paired with everything from her famous flares to chic day dresses. That’s the reason why it became a staple in the wardrobes of Parisian women.

First and foremost, basket bags are usually quite roomy and practical, meaning that you can fill them with any of your personal belongings. Think of pairing them with your favorite casual outfit of tee and jeans, then you’ll see a basket tote is just perfect for a city bag.

The trick to wearing a basket bag on the daily is to embrace the contrast. For example, a jumpsuit and kitten heels are the perfect look for a day in the city, but a straw bag transforms the whole outfit. We love that it can add a touch of summer to any outfit! No matter what you wear, summer comes with your new best friend; the basket bag!

Secondly, given their popularity, summer bags have been designed and restructured according to different patterns, which range from the romantic circular straw bags to the conceptual hourglass figures. There are classic basket bags with refined leather details, totes decked with pom-poms and other incredibly fun accouterments, and embroidered styles that’ll make you wish you were carrying yours while on vacation. Don’t doubt and get your favorite style! Mine, as you can see in the pictures, is the classic clutch!



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