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Versatility ft. TOUS

Fashion has evolved the last couple of years and we have left behind that rule that we cannot mix silvers and golds, at least this does not apply to jewelry anymore. Now, it is all about versatility! Last week, I got this beautiful jewelry pieces from TOUS -by now, I know you guys already have noticed I’m a huge fan of this brand!– What I loved the most about them, is that you can personalize them and do some mixing and matching to better adapt it to your style or your outfit!

Let’s say this newest TOUS “Rubric” collection is like a puzzle, where you can personalize your favorite piece based on your style. And it is easier than you think! Just by opening the rings and adding your favorite pendant, you can create beautiful bracelets, earrings, chain, etc. “One circle, infinite possibilities” This is what versatility is all about.

I always need to add a pop of color to my outfit somehow, this time, my bag was the one in charge to do that job! The beautiful fuchsia tone of my TOUS purse was the perfect element to add a youthful and more vivid air to my all-black look.

Thanks for reading loves! Hope you all have a great weekend.





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