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Wide Leg Pants Obsession

Hello beauties! How have you been? In this post, I want to talk and show you a trend that returns from the past, and it will be everywhere in this spring-summer season 2017. After seasons of skinnies, wide leg pants are getting wider and wider. The more forgiving style is perfect for a date night or going for work.

As fashion is known to recycle, recycle and recycle itself, high waisted and wide leg pants considered long gone with the decades, are actually coming back furiously by popping up for this spring season, leaving behind skinny jeans. Besides, they’ll be your new go-to on those mornings in no time.

Skinny jeans have died, or at least that’s the impression you’d get from the faces frequenting the shows this season. Instead of being skin-tight, showgoers’ trouser legs were comfortably supersized, establishing new proportions for what constitutes a “wide” leg. How to style such a tricky trouser? You can choose a cropped top, like the one I’m using in the photos; just try not to go for bigger sizes than you need.

Based on the time of the day and how comfortable you like to feel in your shoes, you can wear heels, wedges or even flat shoes if height is not an issue for you. The fitted/structured look of the top is in perfect balance with the wide elongated bottom, so it’s all about your figure architecture, and visuals. Just remember the golden rule: the hem must slightly touch the floor to create a long and lean look. Another plus on the Wide Leg trousers look is its versatility. From autumn to summer, from morning to evening. It doesn’t get any better.

Take a risk and include this 70’s trend, I promise that you will become obsessed just like me!


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