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Winter trends you can actually wear in Miami

Hey my loves! I’m very excited to share with you the first fashion post of the year <3 Let’s talk about winter trends and how we can incorporate in this tropical city. We all know Miami is hot, very hot, but that doesn’t mean we can’t keep up with this season’s cool-weather trends! If the temp ever dips below 70, be ready with one of these outerwear pieces. Yaaas!!

Let’s start with the shoes; well, boots are a must. You might don’t want to wear some over the knee boots -I actually love to wear those tho- but, ankle boots are a great option too. They are not only Miami appropriate, but also a trendy addition to your wardrobe! I got this one from ZooShoo and I simply love the pink velvet texture and how chic and feminine they are!

A full fur coat? Maybe not the best option, I mean, it’s great for the photo, but maybe not the best thing to wear for a Sunday brunch. What about combining the fur trend in a different way? You can opt for a fur vest or as I did in here, if it gets more chilly, mix textures as I did with the leather! Oh yes, #MiamiChic.

Let’s face it, Miami is never going to be wintery. While the rest of the country is bundling up with multiple inner layers to weather the cold and the ferocious walks to work, here in Miami we’ll be doing it a bit differently by using very thin layers. In fact, I created this look with a summer dress, very Miami appropriate!

Also, don’t go anywhere without a lightweight scarf, and what a better option than a silk scarf from my @bymvtrends collection? Just sayiiiing 😉

Thanks again for reading loves, if you happen to be in Miami, I hope you can rock the winter trends even when the sun is still up and shining bright!






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